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Rupa Biswas

Name: Rupa Biswas

Title: Grad Student – Tox


Phone: 406-243-4389

I grew up in Kolkata, in eastern India, with a city of more than 15 million people. However, I went to college in Wardha, a small city in Central India surrounded by mountains. After completing my BS in Pharmacy from Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Education (Nagpur University), I applied for my PhD here at The University of Montana. Missoula remind me of Wardha everyday. It is a charming place surrounded by wonderful people and beautiful mountains. The department has excellent and world class research, yet the atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly. I am now working on my lab rotations and fascinated by all the different types of research done here. I am really enjoying my work.

The University of Montana-Missoula
The Department of Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Sciences
32 Campus Drive, Skaggs 395
Missoula, MT 59812-1552
Phone 406.243.4767 Fax: 406.243.5228

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